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LOVSON offers you a REVOLUTIONARY IDEA for your agricultural needs , a " MINI TRACTOR " !!!!!!!

AFTER successfully venturing into the manufacturing of " LOVSON " internal combustion diesel engines & 3 wheelers , we have now launched our mini-tractors in the 2 wheel and 4 wheel drive range .

With these prodcuts, LOVSON is looking forward to tap into the vast and hitherto unexplored territory of economical / inexpensive farming .

These small tractors can perform just as well as the bigger ones with much less investment and give the farmers and agricutlturists the comfort of avoiding big loans and debts.

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History of lovson

In 1857, Mr. Lovchand Amarchand then 22, ventured out to Sudan in North Africa to explore business / trade potential.

It was the time when India’s share in the international trade constituted a modest 2%. However there was a strong demand , across the globe for , INDIAN traditional and agricultural products , realizing the potential and demand for Indian goods.

Mr. Lovchand Amarchand set up his own import firm in North Africa. He chose the inland port of Suakin in Sudan to be his base for all the trade activities in Africa. His business subsequently flourished, this in return, yielded him rich and invaluable rewards of exposure and experience.

The name of the company ‘LOVSON’ was derived from Mr. Lovchand Amarchand’s name, as locally he was affectionately and popularly known as “BABA LOVSON”.

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